Gardnerville: Family Support Resources

Alliance for Nevada Birth Options

Description: Alliance for Nevada Birth Options is working towards a change in how birth is done in Nevada. We believe that every family should know their options.
Phone: (775) 546-2871

Food Bank of Northern Nevada

Description: 1 in 5 people in our service area struggles with hunger. For children, it's 1 in 4. We address hunger through outreach, advocacy and education. We believe no one should go hungry. Neighborhood Pantry provides food throughout Northern Nevada.
Phone: (775) 331-3663

The Foster Grandparent Program

Description: The Foster Grandparent Program pairs seniors with at-risk youth. "Grammas" and "Grampas" volunteer to mentor and tutor children. The goals are to help children meet academic goals, improve social development, and remain engaged in school.
Phone: (775) 358-2768