South Lake Tahoe: Beaches and Lakefront

Baldwin Beach

Description: Public beach located on Lake Tahoe. Great place for swimming and watersports. Hiking trails nearby.
Phone: (775) 831-0914

Camp Shelly

Description: Campground open during summer months. Great place for swimming, water sports, beach activities, and hiking.
Phone: (925) 373-5700

D.L. Bliss State Park

Description: State park that houses Lester Beach and Calawee Cove, a great place for swimming, scuba diving, kayak, paddle board, or canoeing. Hiking also available.
Phone: (530) 525-7277

Desolation Wilderness

Description: Hiking trails with views of many lakes and a waterfall. Beautiful views and wildlife.
Phone: (530) 644-2349

Eagle Falls Trail

Description: Trail that leads to Desolation Wilderness with beautiful views of the Sierra high country. Eagle Lake is a short hike. A longer hike to Velmas, Dicks, and Fontanillis Lakes.
Phone: (530) 525-7277

El Dorado Beach

Description: Beach and campground in Tahoe. A great place for watersports and swimming.

Emerald Bay State Park

Description: State park with beaches, hiking trail, campgrounds, boating access, fishing and more!
Phone: (530) 541-3030

Fallen Leaf Lake

Description: Lake located about an hour south of Lake Tahoe. Great area for watersports with a campground nearby.
Phone: (530) 544-0426

Fannette Island

Description: The only island to be found in Lake Tahoe. Great Kayak or boating destination.
Phone: (916) 653-6995

Kiva Beach

Description: Located near the Tallac Historic site and the Taylor Creek Wetlands. Dogs are welcome on a leash.
Phone: (530) 543-2674

Lakeside Park, Beach and Marina

Description: Beautiful beach with marina and many restaurants and shops nearby.
Phone: (530) 542-2314

Lam Watah Trail

Description: Hiking trail that leads to Nevada Beach.

Meeks Bay Trail

Description: Trail with displays of conifers including firs, pines, and cedars. First half takes you to Genevieve Lake you can continue further to Desolation Wilderness.

Mount Tallac Trail

Description: Hiking trail that takes you though Floating Island Lake and Cathedral Lake. Trail continues with difficulty up the side of Mount Tallac.
Phone: (530) 543-2600

Nevada Beach Campground

Description: Seasonally open campground with beach access and hiking and biking trails closeby.
Phone: (775) 588-5562

Pope Beach

Description: Sandy beach located at Lake Tahoe. A great place for swimming and boating.
Phone: (530) 543-2600

Regan Beach

Description: Secluded lake front beach with a playground and seasonal restaurant.
Phone: (530) 542-6091

Tahoe Paradise Park

Description: A great place for fishing, skiing or wake boarding. Tennis courts and wading pool also available.
Phone: (530) 577-9881

Thomas F. Regan Memorial Park

Description: Park with a playground, seasonal restaurant, sand volleyball court. Beach access.
Phone: (530) 542-6091

Zephyr Cove Beach

Description: Area for waterskiing, wakeboard, parasailing, and a private beach.
Phone: (530) 543-6191