Bedtime Story Suggestions

August 20, 2017

This book was written for preschool and elementary aged children. It is meant to be an inspiration for children to find pleasure in creating their own fun. It is also meant to encourage them to look at the things around them a little differently and see how they can be repurposed. more >

August 19, 2017

This fun and beautifully illustrated book is about a little boy who thinks there are monsters all over his bedroom and can’t go to sleep. more >

August 18, 2017

Long ago in a zoo, not too far away, An elephant was born, all chubby and gray, Such celebration the day that he came, A jumbo-sized baby, to cheers and to fame. more >

August 17, 2017

When Honey’s owner can no longer take care of her, she goes to live in a rescue center to be adopted. Meanwhile, a nice woman in the same town is looking everywhere to adopt an English bulldog, but can’t seem to find one. The woman visits the rescue center and meets a number of interesting dogs, but doesn’t feel that special connection. Then she finally sees Honey and they both know it’s a perfect match. There’s only one problem: another family has already agreed to adopt her! more >

August 16, 2017

Simple silly rhyming text and jolly pictures make this an ideal book for sharing with children. Encourage children to make up their own silly rhymes! A great rhyming picture book for ages 2 and up, and ideal for beginner readers, too. more >

August 15, 2017

Al is a T-Rex who likes vegetables instead of meat, and everyone at school can't see that it is a good thing he is different- yet. more >

August 14, 2017

Andie is a little girl with big dreams. The well-meaning adults in her life sometimes try to explain to Andie why her dreams may not be possible. That’s no problem for Andie, who makes them come true anyway - with her imagination! more >

August 13, 2017

Indigo is a boy with a dream. He spends his mornings in a refrigerator box, his afternoons shoveling snow, and his nights in the basement of a homeless shelter. But during every free moment, he draws and dreams of becoming a famous artist. more >

August 12, 2017

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August 11, 2017

It all begins with homework trouble and an invitation to a sleepover that she doesn’t want to go to. Would you want to go to a sleepover in a creepy house? Rather than dealing with her problems, Susannah stuffs them into her backpack. But how much can a backpack take? Will she be able to confront her worries before the backpack bursts? Or will she just continue to hide them away? more >

August 10, 2017

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August 9, 2017

What little girl would not want a princess to visit her? That’s what kept happening to the little girl in this story. A princess would show up in a mud puddle, the kitchen sink, a bathtub, and even in a cup of tea. But it is what the princess told her that was most important, and the little girl took it to heart. Who was that princess in her teacup? more >

August 8, 2017

17-year-old Emily Beckett is exactly where she doesn't want to be: stuck at home with her brother while her friends are out celebrating the end of the summer. But then, a boy appears on the balcony outside Emily's room. He's dressed in green, and says his name is Peter Pan. He's there for one reason: he's looking for someone to have an adventure with. more >

August 7, 2017

This is a tale about a young ballerina as she prepares for her big concert. Follow her as she attempts to conquer her fears about performing in front of an audience in this warming tale. more >

August 6, 2017

Featuring stunning full-color illustrations, Prince Martin Wins His Sword is a classic children's book about a boy prince's trials and how he learns the true meaning of courage, sacrifice, grit, and friendship. more >

August 5, 2017

Following the lives of four sisters on a journey out of adolescence, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women explores the difficulties associated with gender roles in a Post-Civil War America. more >

August 5, 2017

Whether you’re taking your family on the road or stuck indoors on a rainy day, we’ve got you covered. more >

August 4, 2017

Nelson use to think school was all about playing around and talking with his friends. When Nelson learns that he has been placed in Special Education, he fears being teased. Consequently, he keeps his learning disability and ADHD diagnosis a secret. more >

August 3, 2017

Elmer Elevator has always wanted to fly, and when he takes in an old alley cat out of the rain, he gets his chance. The grateful cat tells him about a flying dragon that lives on the faraway Wild Island, where it has been tied up by a bunch of cruel animals and forced to work incessantly. more >

August 2, 2017

Take a trip to the Galapagos with Lobo and his right-hand raven, Roxy, as they help an injured, new feathered friend return home. more >

August 1, 2017

"Three!" is a funny little rhyming book about what it's like to spend a day with a preschooler - from getting themselves dressed to making a big mess! more >

July 31, 2017

Looking forward to a visit at Sea Gull Beach, the Happy Hollister children have a wonderful time giving a play about pirates and American sailors. Then when they discover that a present they received from Uncle Russ, a lighthouse lamp, contains a real emerald, they are more eager than ever to get to Sea Gull Beach and find out where it came from. more >

July 30, 2017

Koda's best friend is a dog. But, she does not have one of her own. Mommy made it clear that before they adopt a dog, Koda must prove that she is responsible enough to care for one. How will she do that? more >

July 29, 2017

The Busiest Buzz Buzz Bee is an engaging children’s book for early readers. It is a delightful story about a boy who imagines himself being a bee, and all he would do if he had been given the opportunity. more >

July 28, 2017

Monsters usually get a bad reputation for being scary and mean, but not all monsters are like that. Some monsters are friendly and fun. Some monsters like to play and run. And some monsters will help you get your homework done. Learn about all the fun and nice things that monsters can do for you! more >

July 27, 2017

Little Josephine is devastated when she finds out she needs glasses. Pulled back and forth between fear and shame, she tries to fight the overwhelming diagnosis by her eye doctor. more >

July 26, 2017

Logic to the Rescue is designed to teach kids critical thinking. A combination of fiction and non-fiction, it weaves examples of logical fallacies into a fictional sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Simple examples for testing a hypothesis and setting up experiments in chemistry, physics, and biology are integrated into the plot. more >

July 25, 2017

A little boy at bedtime wants nothing more than to tell his mom how much he loves her. In his imagination there’s no better way than comparing to a gigantic Dinosaur. Join him with your own child on this roaring adventure, with blue skies, big feet, and long tails. more >

July 24, 2017

Forced by the Health Inspector to leave his job waiting tables, Garson D. Penguin looks for another job, preferably one where there are no Health Inspectors. But it's tough out there for a penguin. What kind of work can he do? How can he prove himself? Who will believe in him? more >

July 23, 2017

Sid Cooper, a fifth grade history buff, gets the chance of a lifetime to visit the Taj Mahal in the enchanted land of India. After a setback and a change in plans, Sid and his friend Raj are magically transported… 350 years into the past, to when the monument was still being built. more >

July 22, 2017

Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. more >

July 21, 2017

Let's bring cooking back home! Join Bunny Muffins and friends and learn how to cook while they save the day with their healthy carrot muffins. more >

July 20, 2017

Allyson is always getting into trouble and Breanna has to get her out of sticky situations! But, through it all, they’re the best of friends! more >

July 19, 2017

Nola was the last American Northern White Rhino, one of three--now left on the planet. Poaching has destroyed Nola's species due to the fallacy that rhino horns are thought to possess magical medicinal powers. Extinction is an ugly word. What to do? Listen to Nola, herself: more >

July 18, 2017

On a quiet moonlit beach, a baby green sea turtle stirs from a dream of home. Slowly, slowly with a tap, crick, crack, the baby turtle embarks upon a mysterious nighttime journey. more >

July 17, 2017

At closing time a key locks the library, and unlocks the dreams of a little mouse who waits in the shadows. more >

July 16, 2017

Kids and adults alike love this charming story of a cat that just won’t give up in his search for a new family! Ocho and Ono are not excited about the idea of letting another kitty friend into their perfect lives, but Tiger refuses to take no for an answer. more >

July 15, 2017

Heather and Picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them, spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures. They discover that their own story is bound up in the tumult threatening to overwhelm the wider world. more >

July 14, 2017

Take the journey with Teddy on his first trip away from home… off to summer camp for to make new friends from all over the world and together go on new adventures. more >

July 13, 2017

With gorgeous watercolor illustrations and a fun, sing-song rhythm, your children are sure to love this journey of a little red balloon. more >