Opening Day & Upcoming Events at Animal Ark (Reno)


Opening Day at Animal Ark

Today is opening day at Animal Ark! Come out to visit with the animals or plan to attend some great upcoming events later this spring - see the animals enjoy their piñata treats, run (or walk) through the grounds, or watch the cheetahs run!

May 6, 2017: Piñata & Predators from 10:15am-2:30pm

Description: Come watch the fun as our predators break open their treat-filled piñatas! Great photo opportunities! Admission: $15 for Adults, $13.50 for Seniors, $12 for Children, Free for 2 & under

May 20, 2017: Ark Stampede from 8:30am-10am

Description: Run through the beauty of nature at Animal Ark on this challenging 5K course, or enjoy a brisk morning walk. A fun, short Kids Run is available along with face painting and raffle prizes for the entire family. 5K Entry Fee: $35 for Adults and $20 for Children (Includes free admission to Animal Ark; The non-entry family admission is 50% off.)

May 28, 2017: Cheetah 500 from 5:30-7pm (Reservations required due to limited seating)

Description: May 28th is the day for the Indianapolis 500 and the Cheetah 500! Come see the world’s fastest land mammal in action as our cheetahs run at top speeds – completely off-leash – around the Animal Ark run field! Admission: $40 for Adults, $35 for Seniors, $30 for Children (8-16 years old) *Children must be at least 8 years old to attend

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