Fallon: Bike and Hiking Trails

Fallon National Wildlife Refuge

Description: Wildlife Observation, Photography (non-commercial), Interpretation and Environmental Education. Hunting and fishing are not allowed on the Refuge. See website link for directions.
Address: Fallon NV
Phone: (775) 423-5128

Lahontan Valley Wetlands (Stillwater)

Description: Natural wetland area located east of Fallon. A great place to watch natural wildlife.
Phone: 1-800-874-0903

Lake Lahontan State Park

Description: Hiking Trails, Camping, Fishing, Swimming. Family recreation programming available seasonally.
Phone: (775) 867-3500

Soda Lake

Description: A lake in a volcano outside of Fallon fueled by hot springs. An excellent place to view wildlife. No swimming.
Address: Fallon, NV